Maryland is very unpredictable when it comes to weather. Walking out of your house you need to make sure your car contains an umbrella, a warm jacket, hat, or sunglasses. You never know what your gonna get on a summer week in Maryland.

Cockeysville, MD Weather Forecast

It already rained all weekend, but it’s going to continue through most of this week, here’s the forecast:


The forecast is always subject to change so I would make it a priority every morning to check it before heading off to work.

Cockeysville Reacts to the Rain

Some Cockeysville community members have reacted to the consistent rain on social media.

With summer being such an event filled season the rain can’t stop companies from weeks of planning. So throw on your raincoat and continue to go out in the community.

 Stay Safe Cockeysville!

But if the rain starts to pick up make sure you’re taking the proper precautions the next time you step outdoors.

Here are some tips and guidelines about flooding directly from FEMA:

  • When flooding begins to occur to avoid driving, walking or even swimming. You never know how strong a current can be and it only takes a foot of water to move a car.
  • Bridges are especially dangerous in these rainy days, avoid driving fast if at all over bridges
  • Beep, Beep, Beep, your TV will make that noise when a serious flood warning is out, make sure to listen and stay indoors.
  • Have a plan with your family and neighbors so that you can be prepared if a large amount of water begins to hit your area

Spend Your Rainy Days Inside

Why would anyone want to go out in the muggy rain? You don’t have to when there are so many great things to do indoors. There are plenty of great things to do inside, you can:

  • Read a book that people are raving about
  • Video games are easy to connect with the neighbors down the street
  • Take a wonderful, well-deserved nap
  • Catch up on a TV series you’ve been putting off
  • Listen to some music or podcasts- Tedtalk is great
  • And so much more!

Stay dry, and stay safe out there Cockeysville.